What every church desires, as they begin the new building/renovation process, is a partner—someone they can trust and believe they can work with in a flexible and cooperative manner. COSCO & Associates, Inc. is bent on starting clients off on the right foot, as a partner, from the beginning.

We are usually hired because churches need to be taken care of from start to finish. The design/build journey facilitates that peace of mind. During stressful times, what we have found most clients yearn for is someone with integrity, that can step in and say, “Don’t worry. I’m going to take care of it. We know what is best. We have many years of church building experience. It’s going to be all right.” Churches today desperately want someone they can rely on…….
We are that solution! Why?

Because WE ARE:

We build confidence with you from the onset. This is one of the most important concepts a design/builder can employ in gaining trust. Most churches wish for someone to assume the parental role. We thrive under that responsibility. Although we know our clients are not children, in most cases they haven’t been through this process before. When we explain something, we explain it in simple terms, then repeat it. We guide and collaborate together to make quality decisions.

Design/construction is about making dreams come true. Your Church has been nurturing those dreams for years. Our role is going to help make those dreams come true. We understand that this will be an emotional roller coaster. Your staff/committee will plunge from excitement and expectancy, looking at the design options, to depression when you receive the first estimate. When construction begins, you will be excited. When you get the first bill for change orders, or find some large, unforeseen expense or problem, you will crash again. Up and down, up and down will be the ride on the emotional roller coaster. We will understand and empathize in all situations.

In our experience, one of the most important things we can do is to tell you the truth up front. Being informed about the emotional roller coaster while explaining the details is critical.

All churches have expectations when their project begins. 90% of the problems will be related to what didn’t happen, promises not kept, expectations not met. If expectations don’t match reality, they are frustrated. What we do best is setting clear, reasonable expectations and meeting them accurately. Realize this—it is all part of the fun process. At the end of the day, we will praise God together for what He has done.

What’s the major responsibility of the Architect and Contractor? Take care of and protect the church. One of our most important phrases is, “We’re going to take care of you…. God is in control- We are praying for you all!” This kind of Godly relationship will overcome many challenges.

We will not quit. We will not leave you hanging. You are not going to go broke. Your ministry is going to thrive. He is Faithful!

We will give you our all, listen intently, and work together through every circumstance. Our professionals will serve side by side each day to make the vision a reality. We will bridge the gap between all decision points and the situation to lessen the likelihood of miscommunication. We will ensure that the project will be completed according to plans and specifications. Our design/build process assures you of quality control and continuity. Our commitment to you will save your church time and money. We have over 50 years of church designing and construction experience.

This is our passion, business, and ministry!
To God Be The Glory!

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