It is interesting how we can take the Lord’s house and turn it into just concrete, steel, bricks, stone and lumber. There is no formula for building your church, although there is a plan. And that plan is Gods’ plan… and should we not seek it first?

Seek HIS Plan is about praying for God’s direction for your church. It is not a big revelation or groundbreaking theology. However, it might surprise you that is often times overlooked by church leaders. When you pray about a building program, here are some specific items to consider:

  1. Pray for a unity of Spirit
  2. Pray for integrity and Christ likeness in all business dealings
  3. Pray for the kind of ministries God wants you to provide
  4. Pray for your congregation
  5. Pray that God would put leaders on the building team
  6. Pray about the correct architect and builder
  7. Pray for the safety of workers
  8. Pray for the salvation of the workers

Prayer before you start a building program is imperative. Prayer during the building program is critical. Your wasting your time and money if God is not in the center. Remember, it is not about bricks and mortar… it is all about God reaching people-through the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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