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Cosco & Associates, Inc. is a complete design/build company dedicated to the ministry of providing churches with quality architecture, engineering, fundraising, financial and construction services at a guaranteed fixed price to facilitate the needs of the church at the best value possible.  Since 1969, our professional staff has completed over 1,000 projects.  Because we have a complete support team, we are able to do any project.  Our staff are professionally trained and highly experienced with one common objective: To protect the ministry and give the church a great building experience! We are dedicated to the singular ministry of helping the Body of Christ fulfill the Master’s Great Commission.

Cosco & Associates, Inc. is very unique in that we only build church-related projects. The reason is simple: It’s our calling and our passion. We are the best at meeting churches needs and providing you with the right tool necessary to enhance and grow their ministry, the right value for your dollar, demonstrating to their congregation excellent stewardship and the personal touch you deserve throughout the entire process.

Ministry Focused

As a certified church consultant, Cosco & Associates, Inc. is able to provide you with a wholistic health analysis. We will help you discover how to improve ministry effectiveness and enhance healthy growth.  Understanding the impact of facilities on church health, we will help you develop a tool that wraps the building around your ministry and gives you the best opportunity for growth.  Additionally, we provide your ministry with first impression analysis, financial analysis, and recommendations based on experience and partnership with incredible ministry resources like Revitalize Churches, Church Answers, and ThomRainer.com. With your ministries as the foundation, we craft the master plan and new building designs around your vision. Our services will render you an accurate facility that will enhance your ministry and help it thrive.

Why Cosco & Associates, Inc.?

We have set ourselves apart by providing critical services that are unique to COSCO by:

Exclusively Work with Churches

Our over 50 years of ministry, focused on churches, has developed into deep expertise.

Total Master Site Planning

Working with you to create a master plan that reflects your church’s DNA and future ministry plans.

Church Design and Engineering

Using cutting edge of technology to create clarity of communication, allowing you to make informed decisions along the way.

Complete Construction Services

Top-quality workmanship and materials are delivered through capable construction coordination that guarantees satisfactory completion.

No Up-Front Money

Your church pays no up-front money before we begin. All fees are stated up-front at the beginning of each service we provide.

Guaranteed Fixed Price

Giving your church a guaranteed fixed price contract when the design is completed.

National & Regional Buying Power + Local Bidding

You can take advantage of our national and regional buying power, while also including local suppliers and contractors in the bidding process.

Daily Teamwork to Avoid Costly Change Orders

Architectural, interior design, construction, and financing teams work side-by-side on a daily basis to assure your church of a cost-conscious design that avoids costly change orders.

Budget Accountability from Beginning to End

We tie design criteria to your church budget and we stand accountable to that budget from beginning to end.

Expertise & Insights shared from real world experience with hundreds of churches

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by Timothy A. Songster, President of COSCO & Associates, Inc.

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