Consider Zoning: This procedure is not getting easier. A design professional can be of great assistance if contacted early in the process before you purchase said property. More and more requirements are having to be met. Planning commission, tree committees, historic committees, special use permits, planned development, and architectural reviews are some of the types of steps you must go through to get approval. Every city, county, and township zoning board can be different. If you relocate from the city to county, the whole zoning process may be different than what you went through that last time you built in the city.

In most cases, you will need a zoning approval before you can build. Please allow time for this in the drawing and construction progression.

Make sure to investigate the zoning of the property before you buy. Some types of zoning do not allow a church to be built there at that location. If you are buying ground that you know the zoning will need to be changed, make getting the new zoning approved a part of the contingency of the purchase.

Preparation is the key to simplifying the process. Know what your municipality requirements are and meet them. Often the architectural plans are enough to get your zoning approved. Sometimes the zoning requires more drawings for landscaping, storm water retention. parking, and traffic impact to name a few. Again, factor in loads of time to get through this exciting process.


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