Funding Your Project

Connecting Your Church to the Approach Best for Your Ministry


We will help partner you with the correct fundraising consultant who will help you raise the funds needed for your building program, pay it off quickly, and become better stewards of the resources with which the Lord has entrusted you.


Cosco & Associates, Inc. has the expertise to navigate you through the financial process. Together we will determine a project budget that does not put your ministry in a financial strain.

But whoever is building on this foundation must be very careful. For no one can lay any foundation other than the one we already have – Jesus Christ.

— 1 Corinthians 3:10b-11

A Financial Plan Driven by Your Vision

Cosco & Associates, Inc. will provide you with a comprehensive, long-term financial plan that is driven by your vision. The process starts by prioritizing your ministry’s wants, wishes, and needs that support how you are uniquely equipped to reach your community. We work to understand the programs and capital projects that support your vision which will then define your financial path.

We will help you understand your current financial situation and culture, and assist you as you position yourself financially to meet your future needs. We will help you understand what it will take to make the financial journey to where God is leading your congregation. In addition, we will translate your ministry into terminology that secular lenders can understand.

Our Financial Services Include:


Proactive financial planning to put you on the right path to support your vision


Professional preparation and presentation of your ministry and financial package to lenders in a maner they can understand to gain their interest in partnering with your ministry


Debt placement services to negotiate the best financiing terms that will save your ministry untold amounts of resources as you finance your project and pay it off quickly

Cosco & Associates, Inc.’s reputation and track record will help you to make a hassle-free connection with a lender while mitigating the inherent risk in debt placement.

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