Clarity of Communication and Process

The key to any good relationship is communication, right? Therefore, when choosing a solid design/builder, make sure your comfortable with all individuals on the team and what the entire process will entail. Our formation follows three steps…

One- Master Planning. This step generally takes 3-6 months to complete. Our purpose during this facet is to study your ministry and discover God’s vision for you. We grasp the DNA of your church through extensive ministry evaluations, building, demographic, and financial analysis. The final design plans will be a by product of this measure.

Two- Design Development. This takes approximately 6 – 8 months to complete. Our professionals work side by side to bridge the gap between the decision point and the situation to lesson the likelihood of miscommunication. This will  ensure that the project is completed according to plans and specifications.

Three- Construction Coordination. Depending on the size of the project, this step might take anywhere between 12 months to 15 months. We will create a Guaranteed Fixed Price for you at the beginning of this phase. Continual over site and supervision will assure thoroughness during this stage. Project challenges are inevitable- it’s how a company handles the challenges that make the difference. There is more to construction than a low bid. When challenges arise, we will respond quickly, generously, and gently to  safeguard that you have a Great Building Experience!


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